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How to Buy Good Packaging Tapes

In order to ensure that what you enclose is going to be safe for shipping, it is imperative that you seal it with the best packaging tape. It is wise for you to seal your parcel with a packaging tape that bears your brand name for effortless identification. You will come across quality packaging tapes with which you will only need to apply a single layer and you are double sure the item wrapped inside is safe. Even though a variety of companies provide custom printed packaging tapes, they’re not all equal in the quality of tape they sell. This is the explanation of why you are supposed to be keen when purchasing custom printed packaging tapes. Are you in awe regarding which steps to take so as to be certain that the custom printed packaging tapes you acquire will not frustrate you? Make sure you continue reading for more info.

Make sure you check the tape quality. To be guaranteed of your item being safe, you need a quality tape. Tapes of the best quality are effortless to unwind, have desirable adhesion to the ridged area, and offer toughness and strength that are required to endure the distribution network.

The second factor of consideration is the method of application. There are two methods of applying packaging tapes, namely, manual and automated methods. In a manual method, characteristics such as trouble-free loosen, good track for initial seize to the corrugated area, and strong film backing so as to avoid elongating and breaking are all important. Quiet tapes are as well a benefit for those working near others. For automated methods, concentrate on easy unwind to lessen packaging tape breakage as a result of stretching and tearing as you apply. Tapes providing instant adhesion are as well beneficial in areas that need immediate palletization of cartons.

You need to consider the substrate. Make sure you are attentive to what you’re sealing. There is a variety of carton types including corrugated to options such as waxed, printed, double wall, or recycled. Even though all of them have benefits that will impact the distribution network, they as well have their faults.

You need to put into consideration the grade. Packaging tapes come in many grades and this means that they have varying levels of adhesive thickness and film. These grades avail plenty of varying tensile strength and holding power. When determining which grade to invest in, you should reflect on carton size, the production and shipping atmosphere, and content weight. You should increase the grape of your packaging tape as any of these elements increase. By being attentive to the above factors, you will not strain to single out the best packaging tapes.

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